Julian has been an instrumental part in enabling me to organise Young Conservative events, and in turn reach and empower other YCs.

I was a bit nervous to meet The South West Chair, but when I was introduced to Julian, he immediately put me at ease.  I have seen him do the same with the other YCs I have introduced to him since. He always comes across as genuine, and makes sure to have a conversation with me when we see each other at Conferences and campaigns.

Julian has also provided practical help that I could not have done without. Becoming a Young Conservative and building up one’s activity within the Party can be daunting to 25s-and-under. The Party is a ‘real world’ body, and organising events can involve logistics and responsibilities that a young person usually does not grapple with when in education. Julian has provided me with the ways to surmount these challenges. When I wanted to hold online events, but didn’t have access to a Zoom account, he provided one. When I realised I would need to charge for tickets for some in-person events to pay for the room booking, he ensured that I had access to an Eventbrite account and knew how to claim back expenses. Not only this, but he organised a long zoom call with me and explained how to use the platform, answering all my questions. At no point did I feel rushed, and he offered further assistance should I need it. He answers my messages promptly, clearly and kindly.

If Julian doesn’t know the answer to a question I ask him, he refers me to someone who does.

By helping me with the above, Julian has empowered me to reach out to other YCs through events and to build upon the YC community. When helping to organise the Young Conservative Coordinators for the South West Associations, I was also able to tell them truthfully that they are supported and can ask any questions or request any support that they need.

I would highly recommend Julian for the position of Party VP and would consider the Party very fortunate to have him in this role.